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ParTees in the Pines of Moore County NC LLC

Event Planners are all around and are great for large banquet serving events and top 40 DJ or House band. You will leave our custom events like you just had dinner at Michelin Star Restaurant that has literally rendered you so speechless, you just roam around with your partner enjoying the worlds beauty, until your mouth works enough to gesture and say"Let's get home!" We are a full service party and event planning concierge service catering to Moore County, NC. We specialize in custom one of a kind events. We meet and discuss your ideas, dreams and visions for the perfect event. There will always be two of us at the consultation(it's amazing how different people can hear the same words in a completely different way. The only thing you need to do after that is approve our design and direction or tell us we need think in a different direction. And be ready to be able to relax and enjoy your event. We are always discreet and judgement free. We will also sign Non Disclosure Agreement if client prefers.

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