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Event Details

The Village Heritage Foundation hosts its Spring Garden Party on May 2, 4-6 p.m., at Timmel Pavilion in the Village Arboretum, Pinehurst. Refreshments, wine and hors d'oeuvres will be served, and tickets are $30 per person. In the event of rain, the Spring Garden Party will be held at The Fair Barn, Pinehurst.

The Village Arboretum allows visitors to share, discover and enjoy nature's seasonal beauty. The 35-acre park embraces six garden destinations, including the tranquil Woodland Garden adjacent to Village Hall and Joyce's Meadow. Now nearly 20 years old, the Woodland Garden was one of the earliest developments within the park. Last spring, the Village Heritage Foundation, in partnership with the Village of Pinehurst, began working on an enhancement for the garden. During the Spring Garden Party, guests can hear the latest news about the garden's progress. Plans include adding more gathering areas, paths, and shade-loving understory plantings to complement and enrich the tranquil native woodland environment. The estimated cost for the project is $150,000. 

"The design takes a lovely part of the Arboretum and makes it a destination," says Ned Franke, president of the Foundation. "And it's particularly nice to relax in the Woodland Garden on our warmer days."

Tickets for the reception are available at https://ticketmesandhills.com/events/village-arboretum-spring-garden-party-5-2-2023 until April 24, 2023. In the event of rain, the party will be held at the Fair Barn, Pinehurst.

Donations to the Arboretum may be made to the Village Heritage Foundation, P.O. Box 398, Pinehurst, NC 28370, or by visiting https://villageheritagefoundation.org/donate/. The Village Heritage Foundation is a private nonprofit 501(c)3 foundation in Pinehurst. Its mission is to promote the preservation, restoration, enhancement, and maintenance of the unique character of the historic Village of Pinehurst. 

Artwork courtesy Jane Casnellie

Venue Information

Village Arboretum Timmel Pavilion
105 Rassie Wicker Drive
Pinehurst, NC 28374

Organizer Information

Village Heritage Foundation

PO Box 398
Pinehurst, NC 28370
+1 (407) 739-9092

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