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Event Details

ALL DAY or ONE-WAY TROLLEY PASS is redeemable only on the day of the ticketed date of purchase. Tickets are good for one person and additional riders will need to purchase their own ticket in order to ride. Children 10 and under may ride free of charge. All tickets are non-refundable and unable to be exchanged. Designated pick-up and drop-off locations are located on the hop-hop-off map. STC drivers are prohibited from making unauthorized stops due to safety and potential violation issues. The trolley will circle through stops every hour. When boarding, please show the driver your ticket. they will need to scan the ticket in order for you to board.


It is important to note that the trolley does not contain child safety restraints. Sandhills Trolley advises all child guardians that children under 10 ride at risk.

Trolley drivers are not prohibited from making off-route stops.

Please remain seated at all times while riding the trolley.

Please treat the driver, other guests, and STC staff with respect. Drivers need to focus on the road and keep guests safe. Drivers have the right to ask guests to disembark if they are exhibiting unsafe or unruly behavior that disrupts other guests or the driver.

STC is not responsible for any lost or stolen items brought onto the trolley by guests.

Absolutely no smoking of any kind is allowed on the trolley

For hop-on hop-off services, no alcohol is allowed on the vehicle at any time.

Aside from service animals, animals are not permitted on the trolley.

Venue Information

Southern Pines, Pinehurst or Aberdeen Route
15 Azalea Road
Pinehurst, NC 28374

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